Center for Professional Pathways

Washington & Jefferson College is known for preparing students to excel in careers ranging from medicine and law to technology and the arts. We call this professional readiness – the result of a progressive set of experiences that begin when you first arrive on campus and continue throughout your four years of education

The Center for Professional Pathways will support you in discerning your interests, sharpening your skills, and pursuing your long-term dreams. We see every student as an emerging professional, capable of mastering interpersonal and technical competencies to ensure a career success. A personalized PATH to Success will map your plan to pursue high-quality internships, fellowships and merit-based awards, and if appropriate, to apply to leading graduate schools and prepare for entrance exams. Along the PATH to Success, guidance will be provided by your own Student Success Network comprising a Student Success Consultant, Faculty Advisors, Career Pathways experts, and co-curricular mentors that can include your athletic coach, Student Life staff, peer leaders, and alumni who will support your experiential learning through internships and other pre-professional opportunities.

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