Title IX Coordinator & Compliance

The Ethics and Compliance Officer provides college-wide oversight and coordination of an institutional ethics and compliance program that promotes the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and responsibility at Washington & Jefferson College.

Meet the Ethics & Compliance Officer

W&J College's Title IX Coordinator is Carrie Howard, and she can be reached at:

Phone: 724-503-1001 x6878
Office: McMillan, 2nd Floor
Email: choward@washjeff.edu

Our Values


  • To do the right thing even when it’s not easy
  • To act upon ethical and moral principles
  • To be true to oneself
  • To demand accurate evidence and precise argumentation


  • To tell the truth
  • To represent oneself and one’s work truthfully


  • To respect all community members, even when we disagree
  • To respect oneself
  • To adhere to principles of academic freedom


  • To take responsibility for oneself and others on order to ensure a strong community
  • To recognize one’s responsibility as a global citizen
  • To be diligent by working hard and doing one’s best


  • To challenge oneself to grow
  • To pursue the truth

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Room or Floor: Second Floor

McMillan Hall

McMillian Hall

McMillan Hall, built in 1793, is the oldest building on campus. In fact, it’s the eighth oldest academic building in the United States.


Email: titleix@washjeff.edu

Phone Number: 724-531-6878

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