Ethics & Compliance Office

The Ethics and Compliance Officer provides college-wide oversight and coordination of an institutional ethics and compliance program that promotes the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and responsibility at Washington & Jefferson College.

Our Values


  • To do the right thing even when it’s not easy
  • To act upon ethical and moral principles
  • To be true to oneself
  • To demand accurate evidence and precise argumentation


  • To tell the truth
  • To represent oneself and one’s work truthfully


  • To respect all community members, even when we disagree
  • To respect oneself
  • To adhere to principles of academic freedom


  • To take responsibility for oneself and others on order to ensure a strong community
  • To recognize one’s responsibility as a global citizen
  • To be diligent by working hard and doing one’s best


  • To challenge oneself to grow
  • To pursue the truth

Meet the Ethics & Compliance Officer

Angela Colorito, JD, LPEC, serves as the Ethics & Compliance Officer and Title IX Coordinator at Washington & Jefferson College. Recently, she was the Program Coordinator and faculty in the areas of Legal Studies and Administration of Justice at the University of Pittsburgh, where she also served as a contract analyst in clinical and corporate sponsored research contracts. Angela studied law at Ohio Northern University and completed her undergraduate studies in history and film studies at the University of Pittsburgh.


Room or Floor: Second Floor

McMillan Hall

Photo of McMillan Hall

McMillan Hall, built in 1793, is the oldest building on campus. In fact, it’s the eighth oldest academic building in the United States. At one point it served as the only building for what was then known as Washington Academy. McMillan Hall is named after college founder and Presbyterian missionary John McMillan and in 1977, it…


Phone Number:  724-531-6878