Financial Aid & Scholarships

At Washington & Jefferson College, we are committed to removing the financial obstacles with scholarships, grants, and financial assistance. Because together we thrive, we seek to understand your particular financial situation and explore all of your options for paying for college with you.

Meet Our Team

Bethany Bowman

Director of Financial Aid

Kevin Totty portrait

Kevin Totty

Senior Associate Director, Financial Aid

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Room or Floor: Third Floor, Admission House

Admission House

Photo of Admission House at W&J

The Admission offices at W&J are inside the Admission House, located on Wheeling Street in Washington. The Admission House is a beautiful, Victorian-style mansion built in 1894. Although converted into many offices, much of the original décor and architectural integrity has been restored and is intact. Learn more about admission to W&J


Phone Number:  724-223-6019

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