Ignite Business Incubator and Co-Working Space

Ignite is a Washington and Jefferson College program that serves as a business incubator and co-working space for existing businesses and startups. The programming and co-working office space at Ignite are intended to empower, support, educate and connect Washington County businesses and drive community impact and economic development across Washington County. Ignite’s programming ranges from business planning workshops and speaker series to one-on-one consultative services to ensure a holistic approach to a business’s future.

As a co-working member of Ignite or as a business receiving consultative support, entrepreneurs gain access to resources and tools to be successful. Ignite is also a living laboratory for student experiential learning as the College is intentional about integrating curricular and co-curricular offerings with the programming at Ignite.

The College’s Small Business Planning course allows students to work on business planning for local Washington County businesses for 14 weeks every Spring. In addition, students and faculty are using Ignite as a launchpad for their own businesses and these students are an essential part of the future workforce in Washington County. Through Ignite, there are opportunities for students to engage with stakeholders passionate not only about Ignite’s success but the student impact on the sustainability of our greater community’s future.

We meet businesses and entrepreneurs where they are; whether this means supporting residents transitioning careers or individuals that are non-degreed business owners, all are welcome. Interested in learning more? Visit here and we look forward to meeting you!

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Ignite Business Incubator and Co-Working Office Space

Ignite Business Incubator and Co-Working Space is a partnership between W&J, the City of Washington, Washington County, the Observer Publishing Company, and members of the region’s business community. Ignite is a mixed-use business incubator that will foster new business formation and growth of small businesses and non-profits in the greater Washington area. It also will…


Email: cjohnson2@washjeff.edu

Phone Number: 724-531-6881


Monday-Friday 9am-5pm