WNJR Radio

WNJR is an FCC licensed noncommercial educational radio station administered by Washington & Jefferson College. Our tagline is “91.7 FM WNJR Washington.”

Broadcasting and streaming 24/7 from the Department of Communication Arts, WNJR serves as a media learning lab for courses in Radio & Podcasting, Theatre, Media Studies, and Public Relations. WNJR’s features an eclectic format of music and syndicated programming, as well as a wide range of live shows hosted by W&J students.

Any student can sign up to become qualified to host their own radio show—from sports talk and movie reviews, to classic country and progressive rock (and everything in between). Student broadcasters have the freedom to explore their own academic and creative interests while developing their skills in public speaking, interviewing, journalism, and creative writing.

All WNJR students will become fluent in the rules, regulations, and best practices that govern contemporary broadcasting, while immersing themselves in the technical operation of a terrestrial radio station.

You will gain real-world experience in audio media production!

Record your shows and begin building a professional portfolio!


Room or Floor: Burnett Center 002 (Office); Burnett Center 004 (Studio)

Howard J. Burnett Center

Burnett Center

The Howard J. Burnett Center houses the Departments of Economics and Business, Modern Languages, and Education.


Email: WNJR@washjeff.edu

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