Start your future with our W&J Early Start program.

Go-getters know college is in their future. They want to save time, money, and get a head start toward graduating. You will achieve this through our W&J High School Early Start program (at a reduced tuition) by accessing W&J college courses, taught by W&J professors, during your junior and senior years in high school!

Join our Early Start Program!


High School Student Enrollment

Advanced high school students (rising juniors or seniors with a GPA of at least 3.0) are invited to attend the W&J High School Early Start program and earn college credits! These are the same courses taken by W&J students and taught by W&J professors. As a high school student you will have the opportunity to experience a college course taught by one of W&J's experienced professors. You may view full course descriptions on Jaysource (W&J’s course scheduling system). Contact the Office of Admission at if you would like to discuss course options.

How to Apply

  1. Complete W&J High School Early Start Form
  2. Send us your high school transcript to confirm your GPA
  3. Provide written approval from your parent/guardian & your high school

Tuition for High School Students

$1,400 per 3 or 4-credit course (cost includes fees)

Summer 2024: Class of '25 & '26 high school students receive a discounted rate. Tuition is $1,000 per course for high school students (some courses have an additional lab fee).

College Credit

W&J courses are four-credit courses, the standard course at most small colleges.  Transfer course credit is determined by the college or university you attend as a full-time student.  After you complete the course, you can request that a transcript from W&J be sent to your school at any time.

Receive Presidential Perks.

Live the life of a W&J College student while still in high school.

  • Receive instruction from W&J Professors.
  • Experience a class with college students.
  • Gain access to our facilities and free parking.
  • Receive conditional admission into W&J College for the fall term following your senior year. (Contingent upon satisfactory evaluation of your final high school transcript and W&J transcript).
  • Earn a $500 W&J Early Start Scholarship.

Summer 2024 Registration Information for ALL Students

Our registration process has three different windows (described below): Initial Registration, Supplemental Registration and Final Registration.

  • Initial Registration (Deadline: May 1 for Summer I and Summer I-B and June 1 for Summer II): Initial registration will open for all students as soon as the courses are posted online. Initial registration will continue until May 1 (Summer I, Summer 1-B) or June 1 (Summer II). Based on registrations at that point, courses will either be guaranteed to run (Green Light), cancelled (Red Light), or continued for Supplemental Registration (Yellow Light). Since student registrations determine which courses will be offered, we strongly encourage students to register before the Initial Registration deadline.
  • Supplemental Registration: The Supplemental Registration period will run until May 15 for Summer I and Summer I-B, June 15 for Summer II, at which point the final decision will be made for all Yellow Light courses.
  • Final Registration: Once the final set of courses has been determined, students will be able to register for any of the remaining courses through the add/drop period for that specific Summer term.



Course Recommendations for High School students:

Course Course Code Recommended for High School Students?
Beginning DrawingART 112Yes, student must have access to good laptop/internet connection and be able to pick up materials from W&J to take this course.
Organic Chemistry with LabCHM 160Yes, with one year of high school chemistry.
Principles of MicroeconomicsECN 101Yes
Principles of MacroeconomicsECN 102Yes, recommended that a student has taken ECN 101 before enrolling in ECN 102.
Human SexualityEDU 208Yes, the instructor Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski has extensive experience teaching this material to high school students.
Creative WritingENG 205Yes, students who have taken AP Language or Literature or a creative writing course in high school can take this course.
Speculative TextsENG 255Yes, students should be prepared for significant reading load.
Introductory Topics in Environmental StudiesEVS 100Yes, students with at least a “B” average who are prepared for a significant reading load.
Principles of FinanceFIN 341No
American History 1877 – PresentHIS 111No
Introductory StatisticsMTH 125Yes, Students should have a minimum of Algebra II with a B or above to take this course.
Calculus IMTH 151Yes, Students should have a minimum of Algebra II with a B or above to take this course.
Moral PhilosophyPHL 130Yes, rising seniors and rising First Year college students only, with parental consent due to sensitive discussion topics.
Introductory Physics with LabPHY 101Yes, students should have taken trigonometry and algebra to take this course.
Introduction to SociologySOC 101Yes
Introduction to Global Music ListeningMUS 101Yes
Course Course Code Recommended for High School Students?
Introduction to American StudiesAMS 101Yes, recommended for students who have taken an American History course in high school.
Introduction to Biology with Lab, Stream EcologyBIO 100Yes, with a GPA of 3.75 and teacher recommendation.
Digital StorytellingCOM 235Yes, students should have a passion for media work and be good team players. The college provides the necessary equipment.
Arthurian LegendsENG 155Yes, recommended for students who have taken an AP-level Language or Literature course.
Precalculus MathematicsMTH 111Yes, Students should have a minimum of Algebra II with a B or above to take this course.
Course Course Code Recommended for High School Students?
Professional WritingENG 201Students who earned a 4 or 5 on the AP Language exam can enroll in this course.
Introduction to Human GeographySOC 247Yes, this course closely mirrors the AP Human Geography curriculum developed by the College Board. Some AP experience is recommended for students to be successful.
Introduction to SociologySOC 101Yes
Introductory StatisticsMTH 125Yes, students should have a minimum of Algebra II with a B or above to take this course.
Modern Fairy TalesENG 155Yes. Please note that many of the fairytales we’ll read for class were written for adults, and that they will often contain sexuality, violence, disturbing imagery, and elements of contemporary horror.
Organic Chemistry: Reactions and Synthesis with LabCHM 170Yes. High school students may enroll in CHM 170 with Lab in Summer 2 if they enroll in CHM 160 with Lab in Summer 1 and successfully complete it.
Rock HistoryMUS 225Yes. It would be good if students have musical background or experience in an ensemble, but that's not necessary.

Summer Program Logistics

Summer courses have their own tuition and fee schedule. Housing and meal plan options are also available so you can stay on campus during the program (only for W&J Students). Find out more about the cost, financing, and housing options for summer.