Transfer Student Forms

Forms are Due on May 31

All forms on this page are due on May 31, unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions please email or call 724-503-1001 ext. 3069.

Required Forms

1. Course Placements

As part of the course scheduling process, we ask that you first complete your course placements. You should have been assigned an advisor upon depositing to attend W&J. If you have not been assigned one yet, please contact us at

Course Placements (Web Link)

2. Gateway Form

The Gateway Form is your main college entrance form. It covers everything from emergency contact information to meal plan selection. Please complete this form in its entirety as soon as possible so that we can best prepare for your arrival. This form will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Transfer Student Gateway Form (Online Form)

3. Medical Forms

All W&J students are required to complete the W&J College Medical Form and have a physical examination by their physician prior to arrival. Please complete the College Medical Form and have your physician complete the Physical Exam Form at the time of the physical examination. It is also requested that your physician provides a copy of your immunization record. The physical form and immunization record can be mailed to us at the address on the form, returned via email to, or faxed to (724) 229-5143. If your doctor cannot complete the physical exam by June 1, please contact us for an extension.

It is a requirement that both of these forms be completed and submitted for you to be a student at W&J. In addition, if you have a medical need that requires a housing or meal plan accommodation, please complete the Request for Housing Accommodation form.

College Medical Form (Online Form)

Physical Exam Form (PDF)

If Applicable: Petition for College Accommodation (PDF)

4. Student ID Photo

Prior to your arrival, we ask that you send us an ID photo. Your student ID will be used for your meal plan, to carry JayCash and to gain entry to various campus buildings (including your residence hall, if you live on campus). By submitting your photo, you enable us to have your ID card ready for you at the time of check-in.

Student ID Instructions (PDF)

Submit your ID photo by emailing - Be sure to include your full name in the email.

5. Gear Up Pre-Orientation Experience Registration

Prior to orientation, you have the chance to be involved in one of several exciting experiences. There is the Gear Up event on campus as well as an extended pre-orientation experience. For more information on these experiences please see the Orientation section. Gear Up is free to attend.

RSVP for Gear Up

6. Optional: Travel Shuttle Request - Due August 1

If you are traveling to the college via Pittsburgh International Airport, Greyhound, Megabus, or Amtrak, the College offers a shuttle service. Please complete the shuttle service form and provide the Student Life Office with your travel information by August 1. The shuttle service costs $40 per one-way trip and is billed to your account.