Campus Services

Campus Mail

E-mail is considered the official method of campus communication. You will have your own W&J e-mail account that you can access whether you are on or off campus.

Your regular mail is delivered to our mail room. You will have your own box, and you will receive your box number and combination when you move in this fall. Packages are sent to the mail room as well. When you have one, you will get a package slip in your box that you use to claim your package.

Your regular mail should be addressed to:

<your name>
Box <your number>
Washington & Jefferson College
50 South Lincoln Street
Washington, PA 15301

Your box # and combination will be provided at Orientation. You can send packages to the mailroom prior to your arrival on campus, just make sure they are sent to your legal name at the same address as above.

(You may have noticed that student mail goes to 50 South Lincoln and mail to the administrative offices goes to 60 South Lincoln. That's not a typo; students have a separate mailing address.)


Laundry is free for students. There are shared laundry facilities in Beau Hall for first-year students. Several other residence halls have facilities for use by residents of that building.


There is no cost for a College parking permit, although the College reserves the right to deny a permit to a student due to past parking violations, unpaid accounts, or other reasons. Please note that the College attempts to match the number of available parking spaces to the number of permits, but you are not assigned to a particular space.  Permits are non-transferable and are only for student lots.

All handicap parking, with the exception of the visitor's and campus center lots, are open to faculty, staff, and students with the properly displayed plate or tag.

Cars that are parked in College-owned or lease parking lots are subject to the regulations of the College. You must display your permit and park in a student lot. Violations are subject to fines, booting (a device that keeps you from being able to move your car), and/or towing at the owner's expense. Damage to College property is added to any fines. Parking will be enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

First-year students will be issued permits to park in the Grant St. Lot, this is the only lot first-year students are authorized to park in.

Commuter and off-campus students will be issued a permit for the commuter lot on Beau Street and are not permitted to park in any of resident student lots at any time.

Weekend and overnight guests are only permitted to park in the Grant St. lot.

For more information, visit Parking and Transportation.