Students formed up outside Old Main for Orientation

Orientation is designed to aid you in your transition, integrate you into the life of the W&J community, and introduce you to the broad opportunities available at W&J. During Orientation, you will be introduced to academic expectations, the diversity of the college, and the importance of community as a whole, both within W&J and beyond campus. More specifically, you will have opportunities to connect with faculty members, learn more about resources and services on campus, hear about community roles and traditions from upper-class students, and establish relationships with your peers in your new home. At Orientation you will also meet with your faculty advisor (FYS instructor) and your LINK, an upper-class peer mentor, both of whom are committed to facilitating your positive transition to life as a W&J student. An overview schedule for Orientation will be sent to you in August and a full schedule will be provided at check in.

President Knapp at the Matriculation Ceremony

Please note that all new and transfer students will participate in our annual Matriculation Ceremony, (pictured above) which is the first of many traditions in which you will experience as a W&J student. This tradition connects you with all the classes of students who have come before as you walk across the W&J seal. As a class, you will proudly walk across the seal once again at Commencement, which marks the completion of your journey as a W&J student. Matriculation will occur on Saturday, August 24. Parents are encouraged to attend as well and should plan to depart campus after the ceremony.

Gear Up Pre-Orientation Event

On Saturday, July 27, the College will host "Gear Up", an on-campus pre-orientation event for all new students. At the event, you will have the opportunity to connect with other new students, meet FYS faculty, learn what you need to know to prepare for arrival, learn more about where you will be living on campus and more! The event kicks off at 10:00 am!

Please RSVP via the Pre-Orientation RSVP form in section 5 of the Forms page.

Pre-Orientation Experiences

In addition to Gear Up, students can participate in an extended pre-orientation experiences. For these, students travel in groups of 8 to 12-and participate in a variety of activities. No experience is necessary to participate, and trips are open to both first-year and transfer students. A fee of $100 covers meals, supplies, equipment, and lodging. The fee is charged to your student's bill.

Pre-orientation experiences are slated to begin after the Gear Up event on July 27. More details on the experiences, as well as information on how to sign-up, is coming later this summer.

Students holding signs for arrival

When To Arrive

Move-in dates and times are assigned by the College. No one may move-in outside of their check-in window unless they have received permission from Residence Life.

Orientation for new and transfer students begins Saturday, August 24 and concludes on Tuesday, August 27. The first day of classes for all students is Wednesday, August 28.


Tuesday, August 13

If you are a football player, you will move in on August 13. Additional details, including specific timing, will be provided by your coach at a later date.

Women’s Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Men’s Soccer, M&W Cross Country

Saturday, August 17 

If you are in a sport listed above, you will move in on August 17. Additional details, including specific timing, will be provided by your coach at a later date.

Men’s Water polo, Women’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Golf

Wednesday, August 21

If you are in a sport listed above, you will move in on August 21. Additional details, including specific timing, will be provided by your coach at a later date.

International Students

Wednesday, August 21

If you are an incoming international student, your arrival dates is August 21. For more information on your arrival procedures, including immigration, please see the International Students section.

Please check out the travel section for information on airport transportation to campus. For more information, please contact us at gateway@washjeff.edu.

All New Students

Saturday, August 24

If you are not a fall athlete, please make plans to move into your assigned room on Saturday, August 24. Your move-in time will be sent to you via email later this summer.

Commuter Students

Saturday, August 24

Even though you will be living off-campus, you are still required to stop-by at check-in on August 24 between 1:00 and 2:00 pm in the Ballroom to make sure you get your materials for Orientation. You are also just as much a part of Orientation as all other students! During Orientation, you are also welcome to come to all meals (even though you may not have a meal plan).

Please note: "New Students" refers to First-Year & Transfer Students

Students walking a bin of belongings to their residence

Unloading Your Car*

Per the map below, when you arrive, please drive to Lincoln Street via E. Wheeling St. to get in line for unloading. Be sure to look for signage regarding traffic flow for your specific residence hall. Once you are parked to unload, our student Move-In Crew (wearing yellow-gold "Move-in crew" shirts, as seen above) will help you unload and place your belongings in your room.

After your belongings are unloaded from your car, we ask that you park the car in the designated lots (we will direct you) and then proceed directly to the Rossin Campus Center Ballroom in the center of campus on Lincoln Street. You will have plenty of time to unpack and set up your room after you check-in. Also, if you prefer, your parents are welcome to stay with your belongings in your room until you return from check-in.

In the Ballroom, you will pick up your key, check-in for Orientation, get your student ID and meet representatives from campus offices and community services. Once you have checked-in, you will be directed to your residence hall to unpack.

As you plan for arrival, please remember to allow plenty of time to explore the services offered in the Ballroom and to unpack / set up your room.

*Football and other fall sports who move-in early will have a different move-in process, which will be coordinated by the coach.

Campus map showing parking and orientation info

Arrival Schedule Recap

Arrival for International Students - Wednesday, August 21

International Student Orientation - Thursday, August 22 through Saturday, August 24

Arrival & Check-in for Football - Tuesday, August 13

Arrival & Check-in for Fall Athletes - Dates vary by sport

Arrival & Check-in for New Students - Saturday, August 24

New Student Orientation - Saturday, August 24 through Tuesday, August 27

Getting to Campus

Information on how to get to campus and accommodations can be found under Travel Information.

Due Before Arrival

To streamline the check-in process, we ask that you have the following completed before coming to campus.

If you have yet to complete any of these items by the the time you arrive, you will have to complete them at move-in and will not receive your room key until we can verify completion.

1. W&J Gateway Required Forms

All students are required to complete their electronic forms (this includes: Course Interest, Gateway Form, & Medical Form) on W&J Gateway prior to move-in. Take me there!

2. ID Photo Submissions

If you have not submitted a photo for your student ID, please do so as soon as possible so that we have enough time to process it before your arrival. Your student ID is used for gaining entry to your Residence Hall and to use your Meal Plan at the dining facilities on campus. To submit a photo, send a full-color portrait photo to gateway@washjeff.edu.

3. Physical Form & Vaccination Record

Your physical form and immunization record is also required for check-in. This form is available on the "Forms" page of W&J Gateway. Take me there!

W&J Orientation: Forge Your Foundation

Orientation will begin on Saturday, August 24. After the Matriculation Ceremony, all events will be for incoming students only. During Orientation, you will get the opportunity to experience an exciting program that includes a variety of events to help you get to know the W&J community, become familiar with campus, and connect with new friends. Orientation is required for all new students, whether you are a first-year, transfer, resident or commuter.

Student Success Consultants

The Student Success Consultants, Jill Gregory and Rachel Stalker, are professionals dedicated to assisting you as you transition to college life and act as your guide through your first year at W&J.

Each Student Success Consultant works with the students in a group of first year seminar (FYS) courses, meeting individually three times in a semester to support the students’ acclimation to College. Topics like navigating the campus, engaging with College resources and staff, getting involved in campus activities and reducing communication barriers are covered. The consultants also will have open office hours when students can drop by and ask questions without needing an appointment.

You will be introduced to your Student Success Consultant later this summer.

LINK Mentors

The W&J LINK Mentor Program, a collaborative effort between Student Life and Academic Affairs, matches an upperclass student with a group of new students for their first year at W&J. LINKs assist new students in adjusting to the academic and social transition between high school and college and to help prepare them to achieve educational, personal and career goals. LINKs provide this help through small group interaction and one-on-one attention during the fall and spring semesters.

Your LINK serves as a resource for you throughout your entire first year at W&J. They will contact you later this summer and will meet you in person at Orientation!