General Loan Repayment Information

Information on loan repayment options can be found online at by clicking the “In Repayment: I have loans I have to repay.” tab under the Log-in button.

Exit Counseling

Exit Counseling is required for all students who borrowed federal Stafford and Perkins loans while enrolled. This counseling helps you understand your rights and responsibilities as a borrower and provides useful tips and information to help you manage your loans. This counseling session is required before students withdraw, graduate, or drop below half time status. Counseling can be completed online at Students will have the option to view their individual federal loan history toward the end of the exit counseling session. This is helpful for students who have loans using multiple lenders and have lost track of information. At the end of the session students need to input the information requested so that W&J can receive an electronic notification that the counseling was completed.

This exit counseling session only provides information about federal loans. Students who have borrowed a private loan from a lender while enrolled will have to obtain repayment information directly from the lender.

Loan history information

Students who wish to view their federal loan history can do so be visiting Review loan information options under the heading, “Manage Loans.” Follow the prompts and log in with your assigned FSA ID.