Federal Work Study: This federal program provides funding to support students working on campus and select off campus jobs. Eligibility is determined on an individual basis.

W&J College Work Study: This employment program is supported by the College and allows students not eligible for federal work study to have a campus job.

Through both of these employment programs, the College is able to offer approximately 600 positions in more than 50 departments as well as job opportunities within the community.

Preference in the hiring process is given to students who are offered Federal Work Study on their financial aid offer. Washington & Jefferson College has partnered with Handshake. Follow this link to claim your account, and search for work study and campus employment opportunities. Positions will be posted after August 15th each year.

Students wishing to work the same job as they held in previous years should contact their supervisor to discuss next steps.

All employment questions should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid.

Completed Work Authorization Forms must be returned to Adam Manno, Assistant Director of Financial Aid & Student Employment Coordinator. A timesheet will only be made available to the student on Web Advisor once the complete work authorization is submitted. Students working for the first time at W&J must complete paperwork with Payroll. Please contact LeeAnn Spencer to complete the forms.

Students are compensated for the number of hours worked. Students may not exceed 10 hours per week. Students cannot begin working on campus until a Work Authorization Form is completed and a timesheet is issued. W&J's pay rates are listed below:

  • Standard - $7.25 an hour
  • Special Skills - $8.00 an hour
  • Special Shift - $8.00 an hour
  • Student Supervisor - $8.40 an hour
  • America Reads Program - $8.00 an hour (returning and first-year mentors)

Students are paid on the 15th and the last working day of each month. Students submit their timesheets to their supervisor electronically via Web Advisor. View Timesheet instructions (PDF).

Questions regarding the hiring process or employment eligibility can be addressed to the Office of Financial Aid at 724-223-6019 or finaid@washjeff.edu.

Federal/W&J Work Study Tax Information

All student employees can access their W-2 through their Web Advisor account. Sign in to Web Advisor as an employee, not a student. You must first give “W-2 Electronic Consent.” This can be done at any time of the year and only has to be done once, not annually. Students may then choose to view and print their W-2 when completing their tax return.

Students must include federal work study and campus employment wages as income earned when completing a federal tax return.

What's Next?

See MyW&J for additional forms and information.