W&J Gateway

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What is W&J Gateway?

W&J Gateway is the next step for deposited students. It is a seamless process for you to complete your enrollment at W&J. Through Gateway, you will register for housing and fall semester courses, complete the required forms, and learn all about your first semester experience at W&J. W&J Gateway will be available starting on April 18. To access the site, you will need your W&J account log-in credentials, which are available on your W&J Leadership Status Portal.

Complete Your Course Placements

In the meantime, we encourage you to complete your course placements. These are required to assist the faculty in pairing you with courses that best fit your academic needs. There is no such thing as a bad score on placement! In fact, there is no score at all – the faculty just use the data in conjunction with your high school transcript to determine what courses at W&J will best fit you. This process ensures you won’t be in a course that is too challenging or, alternatively, in a course that is too easy for you.

Language Placement

To complete the language placement:

  1. Log-in to your W&J Leadership Application and Status page.
  2. Click on the “Language Placement” item in the Gateway Checklist section.
  3. Fill in the questions in the Language profile and click “Submit”.

Math Placement

To complete the math placement, go to the Math Placement page and follow the instructions to complete the placement. Please note that the math placement is a timed process and can only be taken once.

Important Dates*

April 3

W&J Gateway goes live

June 1

W&J Gateway forms and course placements are due


Course schedules and housing information sent out

July 29

Gear-Up (Pre Orientation Event) is held

August 16

Residence hall move-in and orientation begins

*Please note that all scheduled dates are subject to change due to the COVID-19 situation.

Students and parents unload their cars and carry items in to students’ residence hall rooms during move in August 22, 2020 on the campus of Washington & Jefferson College.


Are you the parent of a new W&J student? We are excited that you are now part of the W&J community! When Gateway goes live on April 11th, we will also be launching a parent resource site to help you best support your student through this process.

What's Next?

Time to log into the W&J Gateway! If you haven't already, be sure to complete your course placements first. If you have any questions please contact your admission counselor or admission@washjeff.edu.