Washington & Jefferson College values the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and Certificate and their engaging and challenging curriculum that encourages critical thinking, intercultural understanding and respect. W&J recognizes IB achievement by awarding course credit toward graduation.

Course credit will be granted for each higher level (HL) IB course with an exam score of 5 or higher. A department chair, program director or academic dean will determine whether a course counts as an elective or toward a specific requirement (minor, major or general education).

Students who have completed the entire IB Diploma Programme can earn credit for up to 8 courses toward graduation at W&J.

The official International Baccalaureate transcript is required to award credit.

IB Diploma score of:

W&J Course Credit

30 or higher 8 Courses
Below 30 1 Course credit with each exam score of 5 or higher
[Remainder of chart to be determined by department or program]

Example: German score of 5 or higher

Course credit for GER 207

*Unless otherwise stated above, College policy regarding transfer credits applies to IB courses. Please see the College Catalog for details.