Meet Our Team

The Admission House on W&J Campus

We want to get to know you – your passions, your dreams, your career ambitions – so we can help you forge a college experience that will provide you with the education and life experiences you need to succeed.

Our Admission and Financial Aid counselors are excited to meet you and to get to know you. Our counselors can answer any questions you may have about the College and help you through the admission process.

Upcoming Admission Events

Move in day at W&J

The W&J Experience Overnight

March 20 @ 5:00 pm - March 21 @ 1:00 pm
Move in day at W&J

Washington Fellows Weekend

March 27 @ 4:30 pm - March 28 @ 12:30 pm

Admission and Financial Aid Leadership

VP Nicole Focareto portrait

Nicole Focareto

Vice President for Enrollment

Bob Adkins

Bob Adkins

Dean of Admission

Charlene Bedillion portrait

Charlene Bedillion

Director of Financial Aid

Jamie Mathews portrait

Jamie Mathews

Director of Strategic Recruitment

Admission and Financial Aid Counselors

Our counselors are available to answer your questions about W&J, financial aid, and the admissions process.  Use the button to the right to locate our counselor who is assigned to you.

Maurlynda Douty portrait

Maurlynda Douty

Assistant Director of Admission

Dylan Gerald portrait

Dylan Gerald

Senior Assistant Director of Admission

Karen Gerardi portrait

Karen Gerardi

Senior Assistant Director for Transfer Students & Operations

Grace Groeger portrait

Grace Groeger

Assistant Director of Admission

Thomas Karcher

Thomas Karcher

Senior Assistant Director Admission

Jamie Mathews portrait

Jamie Mathews

Director of Strategic Recruitment

Portrait of Christine Shaffer

Christine Shaffer

Assistant Director of Financial Aid/Student Employment Coordinator

Nicole Shannon portrait

Nicole Shannon

Senior Assistant Director of Admission

Dana Staudt portrait

Dana Staudt

Assistant Director of Financial Aid/Loan Officer

Kevin Totty portrait

Kevin Totty

Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid

Admission and Financial Aid Operations

Kodee Cardillo portrait

Kodee Cardillo

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Enrollment

Carson Fox

Carson Fox

Associate Director of Strategic Recruitment Marketing

Jennifer Kendra portrait

Jennifer Kendra

Associate Director of Enrollment Systems

Anna Koffler portrait

Anna Koffler

Visitor Services Coordinator

Rianna Wontrop portrait

Rianna Wontrop

Enrollment Operations Manager