The Luce Initiative on Asian Studies and the Environment (LIASE) Program aims to support integrated, innovative projects and programs that promote Asian studies within the context of environmental studies. W&J's grant reflects the unique faculty strengths, programmatic interests, needs, and priorities of the College. Following successful completion of an 18-month exploratory grant, W&J was awarded a four-year implementation grant to focus on the four specific projects described below. Broadly speaking, the grant supports development in the following areas:

  • Student knowledge of Chinese culture, language, and environmental challenges/opportunities in China
  • Student travel to and research in China
  • W&J faculty development
  • W&J curricular enhancement
  • Collaboration and exchange between W&J and Chinese faculty members
  • Community-based research, service-learning, and practical training opportunities to foster application of theoretical knowledge to real-world problems
  • Program and interdepartmental coordination, study abroad, field-based work, and strengthening campus support capacity
Through the Luce-LIASE Grant, professors and students at Washington & Jefferson College were able to take on a variety of environmental research.

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Campus-Based Activities

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The LIASE Teaching Grant Workshop was held on Saturday, October 23. The grant funds College faculty members who design and deliver a new module (or course) with “Asian studies and the environment” content.

LIASE Teaching Grant Participants

Co-Pls and Workshop Facilitators - Dr. Robert East (Environmental Studies) and Dr. Zheya Gai (Political Science), Dr. Elizabeth Bennett (Psychology), Dr. Cory Christenson (Physics), Dr. Ketaki Jaywant (History), Dr. David Kieran (History), Dr. James March (Biology), Dr. Buba Misawa (Political Science), Dr. Gregg Osborne (Philosophy), Dr. Olga Solovieva (Religious Studies), and Dr. Han Ye (Modern Languages)


Apply to the Luce-LIASE Summer Program

Application to Participate in the Luce-LIASE Summer Program in China can be found here: Luce-LIASE Summer Program Application

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