Summer 2019 Synopsis

Dr. Patrick Caffrey brought students Jessica Freeman and Ethan Moy to China, where the students carried out internships at the Sino-German Ecopark in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Dr. Caffrey and his students joined other faculty and students from Washington and Jefferson College on tours of cultural, commercial, and environmental sites, led by Drs. Caffrey and Zheya Gai. Dr. Caffrey also traveled on his own to make observations to enrich his courses on Chinese and environmental history, with particular attention on representations of the past and on efforts to shape the present and the future.

Jessica Freeman interned with the International Cooperation and Innovation Center in the Sino-German Ecopark. She conducted research on American and European summer camps, and assisted instructors at the Kita Preschool.

Ethan Moy interned at the Qingdao Passive House in the Sino-German Ecopark. He translated texts about the Passive House from Chinese and German into English and analyzed data on the energy efficiencies of Passive House systems, and participated in the Fourth Annual Passive House Conference.