Costs for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Direct Costs

The following is a list of W&J's direct costs-the charges that will appear on your bill.

Tuition $28,570
Fees $620
Housing* $8,568
Food* $6,142
Total $43,900

*Based on standard double room and 19 meal plan

See the full list of Tuition & Fees.

Indirect Costs

We also include some indirect costs in determining the total cost of attendance that is used in calculating the student's financial aid eligibility. Remember - indirect costs are estimations only, just to give you an idea of what additional funds you might need.

Books $1000
Personal $1000
Travel $200-$1000 based on distance from College

Affording a W&J Education

The Office of Financial Aid encourages all students to explore financial aid opportunities on an annual basis and take an active role in the financial aid process.

Typically, assistance from W&J is the largest source of aid in financial aid packages. W&J provided almost 37 million dollars in grant and scholarship funds for the 2019-2020 academic year to assist current full-time students with the cost of education.

Additional funds for this same academic year were received from various sources to include the federal government ($15 million), state governments ($1.7 million) and outside agencies (more than $500,000).

These various sources of funding help W&J families reduce the overall cost of attendance with many awards being renewed annually.  With such a high percentage of our graduates completing their degrees in four years (98%), families are reassured that their undergraduate investment will involve a standard four year commitment, allowing students to enter the workforce on time.