W&J 2020-2021 Tuition and Fees Schedule

The cost of attending Washington & Jefferson College includes direct and estimated costs. These costs vary each academic year. Over the past several years, Washington & Jefferson has increased tuition costs at less than three percent which in on par with the national average of tuition increases in both public and private institutions.





Annual Per Semester
Full Load (3 or 4 courses in Fall or Spring/Max. of 9 per year) $49,612 $24,806
Single Course/Overload Charge (per course) $4,965



Annual Per Semester
Traditional Double Room $7,788 $3,894
Traditional Single Room $8,900 $4,450
Traditional Double as Single Room $9,998 $4,999
Contemporary Double Room $8,344 $4,172
Suite-Style Double in Bica-Ross or New Hall I $10,156 $5,078
Suite-Style Single in Bica-Ross or New Hall I $10,418 $5,209
Suite-Style Double as Single in New Hall 1 $12,690 $6,345
Chestnut Street Double Room $10,156 $5,078
Chestnut Street Single Room $10,418 $5,209



Annual Per Semester
19-Meal Plan (Meals per Week)  $5,484 $2,742
15-Meal Plan (Meals per Week) $5,240 $2,620
12-Meal Plan (Meals per Week) $5,058 $2,529
10-Meal Plan (Meals per Week) $4,936 $2,468
See our Meal Plan Options for more details.



Annual Per Semester
Service Fee (all students) $255 $128
Activity Fee (all students) $225 $113
Health Services Fee (all students) $100 $50
Greek Membership Fee (fraternity and sorority members only) $100 $50
Laboratory/Course Fee (per course) $100
Private Music Lesson Fee (per course) $600

For more info on room and board plans please see the Meal Plan Options.