Gateway Team opens door to college experience

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WASHINGTON, PA (July 19, 2017)-At Washington & Jefferson College (W&J) a team of dedicated students are ready to help incoming freshmen and transfer students open the gates to their time at W&J.

W&J’s Gateway Team, guided by Student Life staff, helps incoming students complete all necessary tasks in order to start school in the fall. This includes choosing housing, registering for classes, picking meal plans, and completing forms. The team includes four current W&J students who work on campus over the summer to assist in the process.

Anna Jefferies, a rising senior majoring in financial economics, is the team lead. Working with her are three rising sophomores, eager to assist the incoming freshmen in the process they themselves completed the previous year.

Genea Richardson is an undeclared major leaning towards accounting and Spanish. Mia Brownfield has a math major and is a part of the pre-health program. Evan Hannan also has not declared a major yet, but he is looking at business administration and thinking about the pre-Law program.

“Gateway is a lot of fun, without a doubt. Our team gets along well and we have established a good friendship that will last for the rest of the years here at W&J,” Hannan said.

But that isn’t the only reason he enjoys coming in to work in the morning. What Hannan does also is very special to him.

“We get to connect early with all of the rising freshmen before they even get here. Honestly, it feels like we already know them!” he said. “Helping the new students is a lot of fun because we (the gateway team) were once in their exact position and we remember how stressful it was getting ready for college.”

The Gateway Team understands how important it is for incoming freshmen to feel welcomed by their peers, because they have been through it before. W&J prides itself on the comradery its students share, and the Gateway Team exemplifies that.

“I believe students helping students in this way is amazing because who could better answer a student’s questions than a current student? No one!” Hannan said.

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