Great Expectations

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Red & Black’s 1970 Predictions on Going Co-ed

Not knowing what to expect in the fall of 1970, the all-male student editors of Red & Black took it upon themselves to speculate on the types of women who would launch co-education at W&J.

Here’s what the editors wrote in the February 20, 1970, edition of the paper: “Many young women will come to W&J with their heads full of fraternities, their parties, their pins and their lifestyles…

On the other hand, there may be a group of women not oriented to the oppressing fraternity ritual. They will adhere to the concepts of a present movement in the U.S., the Women’s Liberation Movement. These women will not expect the little niceties accorded ‘wanted’ women but will accept and respect you as students only if you can do the same for them.”