GWS 210 Machismo and Other Latino Stereotypes Summer 2020

Created: May 11, 2020
Last Updated: May 11, 2020



Looking to fulfill diversity or CRS credits? Professor HJ Manzari will teach GWS 210, an interdisciplinary study of Machismo and other Latino stereotypes with a focus on gender, sexuality, women’s studies, and men’s studies. In this course, we will examine gender through the lens of various texts, music, film and art as broadly defined as an attempt to record reality in the Latino community here in the USA. For us, the term Machismo will be a central concept in discussions of the roles, status, rights, responsibilities, influences and moral positions of men and women in Latino society. Over the course of the semester we will look closely at the relationships that help define contemporary Latino culture, the cult of “machismo” and other Latino stereotypes.
This course will be remotely taught and offered asynchronously and synchronously in consultation with student cohort during Summer Session I from June 1-26 2020.

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