Making the switch: W&J the right fit for transfer student

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WASHINGTON, PA (May 31, 2018)—Pursuing a bachelor’s degree is a journey—and it’s not always a straight path. It’s important for students to find the college that suits their needs, even if it’s not the institution where they began their education.

Washington & Jefferson College (W&J) junior Anosh Matti ’20 knows that better than most. He began his college career at another institution, but transferred to W&J at the start of his sophomore year.

Anosh saw an opportunity at W&J to get the type of education he needs.

“I transferred to W&J (because of) the Magellan Program and the pre-law track offered here, which creates a successful path for my future,” said Anosh, who is double-majoring in political science and philosophy. “W&J is the right college for me because through the pre-law track, I can establish a great path to law school, and W&J makes it easy for me to switch majors if my plans change.”

Once he arrived on campus in the fall of 2017, Anosh found a world of supportive faculty and friends. He’s created lasting relationships here, and has enjoyed learning more about the history of the institution and participating in campus activities.

“My experience at W&J has been extraordinary so far,” he said. “I don’t feel like I transferred here. With my friends, teachers, and campus life, I feel like I arrived at my second home.”

Anosh knows that making a big change can be scary, but he’s glad he did and he encourages other students who are considering transferring to W&J to do the same.

“Just take a deep breath. Success and happiness is a choice you have to make for yourself, but W&J will give you the professors, the options, and the connections to make the right choices to lead you to happiness and success,” he said.

If you’re ready to take the leap like Anosh did, find out more about transferring to W&J or schedule a visit to campus today!

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