Campus Message on Anti-Asian Racism

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Dear W&J Community,

This week’s tragic murders in Atlanta have raised public consciousness of the racism so frequently experienced by persons of Asian descent in our society. At this moment, I believe it is important to reiterate that this college condemns all forms of racial hatred and stands in strong support of members of our community who have suffered because of it.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a precipitous increase in anti-Asian hate crimes across the country, motivated largely by racial slurs from some public officials. Yet we must remember that this pernicious strain of racism has long been a shameful undercurrent in American society. At its root are xenophobia and an ideology of white supremacy that devalues Black Americans and other communities of color.

I trust that each of us at W&J will commit ourselves to ensuring that those in our community who are of Asian descent are safe, respected and fully supported in this time of heightened fear. We must speak clearly against all forms of bigotry and correct anyone who wrongly would scapegoat one racial group for the public health crisis that has affected us all.

Thank you for ensuring that everyone experiences W&J as a welcoming, inclusive and caring community.

John C. Knapp
President and Professor