Deborah Polvani, Ph.D. portrait
Phone: 3379
Office: SWA 200C

Deborah Polvani

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Degrees: Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University; B.S. with ACS Certification, Loyola College

Deborah A. Polvani is an associate professor in the Chemistry department. She is an inorganic chemist, with an interest in solid-state materials. In the chemistry department, Dr. Polvani teaches introductory organic chemistry, introductory and advanced inorganic chemistry, advanced synthetic methods, a non-science majors food chemistry course, and occasionally an elective in materials chemistry. She is also a fairly regular contributor to the First Year Seminar program, teaching a course on alchemy. She always enjoys students’ help with her research efforts in materials synthesis and study of their interesting structural, electronic, or magnetic properties. Dr. Polvani is currently the faculty advisor for our chemistry club chapter (the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society.)