Hannah Bradshaw
Phone: 724-503-1001 Ext. 6223
Office: Dieter Porter 306D
Email: hbradshaw@washjeff.edu


Hannah K. Bradshaw, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Degrees: Ph.D. Experimental Psychology, Texas Christian University; M.S. Experimental Psychology, Western Illinois University; B.S. Psychology, Western Illinois University; A.A., Carl Sandburg College

Hannah K. Bradshaw is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology. She currently teaches courses in introductory psychology.

Dr. Bradshaw is interdisciplinary-minded psychologist who incorporates methodological tools from social psychology, marketing, health psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, and psychoneuroimmunology. Her research program explores how interpersonal and ecological cues might affect our perceptions and decisions in the broader social world. While she has a wide variety of research interests, she tends to gravitate towards questions that pertain to disgust sensitivity, women’s sociality, and consumer preferences and behavior. Dr. Bradshaw’s publications can be found here: https://hkbradshaw.wixsite.com/research/publications

Working with students on research projects is Dr. Bradshaw’s favorite thing about being a scientist. If you’d like to get involved in her ongoing research or chat about potential independent research projects, please feel free to reach out to her!