John Zimmerman, Ph.D. portrait
Phone: 724-503-1001 x3322
Office: Old Main 303B

John Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Professor of Mathematics

Degrees: Ph.D. College Mathematics, The Ohio University; M.A. Mathematics and Statistics, B.A. Mathematics, and B.S.E.D. Mathematics, Bowling Green State University

John Zimmerman is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and is a former Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs. His current duties include teaching a broad range of courses, but he particularly focuses on the mathematics education component. John’s primary areas of interest include the history of mathematics, mathematics education, cognitive tutors, technology, and mathematics in the liberal arts tradition. He is an active member of the Mathematics Association of America. He enjoys interacting with K-12 students about the beauty and importance of mathematics and has done many teacher in-service programs.