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I used to be Captain of the Ballroom Dance Team in my undergraduate career; and I love playing chess and various board games. If you ever stop by my office, you can be sure to get some fresh Aeropressed coffee (or tea).

Kevin Carriere, M.P.P., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Degrees: Ph.D. Psychology; M.P.P. Georgetown University; B.A. Psychology, Clark University

Kevin R. Carriere is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology. He teaches courses in introductory psychology, psychology & public policy, biostatistics, experimental psychology, and an advanced lab in social psychology. He runs the PACT (Politics, Activism, Culture, & Threat) Group, investigating why we react to feelings of threat in various ways – from limiting speech to rallying a crowd; from getting upset at a company for using a hashtag to the life inside prisons. Undergraduates should get in touch with him if they are interested in pursuing research opportunities with the Group. Students travel to conferences to present their work and have been published in academic journals.

His most recent edited book, “Psychology in Policy: Redefining Politics Through The Individual” examines how policy and psychology need to focus much more on the individual who engages with policy in their daily lives.