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Lisa Gibson, Ph.D, JD

Assistant Professor Chair of Conflict and Resolutions Studies

Academic Program: Conflict & Resolution Studies

Degrees: Ph.D., University of Nottingham; J.D., Western Michigan University-Cooley Law School; M.A., Lancaster University; B.A., Alma College

Dr. Lisa Gibson has a Ph.D in International Relations from the University of Nottingham, a JD in Law from Western Michigan University, a MA in International Relations and Diplomacy from Lancaster University and a BA in Political Science/Pre-law from Alma College. Her research focuses on international and cross cultural conflicts and the ways to more effectively prevent and resolve them. She is an Associate Fellow with the Higher Education Academy and has taught in a variety of countries both as a professional trainer and as a university professor. Most recently she taught international relations and conflict studies at an international university in Lithuania with students for over 40 countries. She currently has a book under contract on how Facebook friendship groups can help to facilitate more peaceful relations between countries that have a history of conflict, which involves a qualitative case study of relations between American and Libyan citizens. Prior to entering academia she worked as a practitioner in law, conflict resolution and public policy advocacy.


Dr. Gibson’s most recent publications include:


“How to Use Relational Learning Skills to Prevent Cross-cultural Workplace Conflict” in Maheshkar, C. & Sharma, V. (Eds.), Cross-cultural Business Management: Perspectives and Practices, Vernon Press, 2023. Available at 24% discount using coupon CFC1047766A32 only at


“Building Peace Through Facebook Friendship Groups” at


“Keeping it Real When Teaching about Reconcilation” at






Her most recent publications are


  • "How to Use Relational Learning Skills to Prevent Cross-cultural Workplace Conflict” in Maheshkar, C. & Sharma, V. (Eds.), Cross-cultural Business Management: Perspectives and Practices, Vernon Press, 2023 Link to entry
  • "Keeping it Real When Teaching about Reconciliation" in Peace Reveiw Journal Link to entry
  • "Building Peace through Facebook Friendship Groups" in Peace Review Journal Link to entry
  • "Citizen Apologies and Forgiveness as Diplomatic Gestures of Peace" in Journal of Dialogue Studies Link to entry
  • "Can the US Embassy Bridge the Divide with Facebook?" Link to entry
  • Book review of "Friendship Among Nations" Link to entry
  • "God's Roadmap to Peace" Link to entry
  • "Keep Conflict from Derailing Your Organization's Mission" in The Expert Success Solution Link to entry
  • "Leadership Lessons Learned from Muammar Gaddafi" Link to entry
  • "Releasing the Chains" Link to entry
  • "Life in Death: A Journey from Terrorism to Triumph" Link to entry