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Matt Evans, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Academic Program: Mathematics

Degrees: Ph.D. Mathematics, Binghamton University; M.A. Mathematics, Temple University; M.A. Mathematics, Wake Forest University; B.S. Mathematics, Berry College

Matt Evans is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics. His primary lines of research are in universal algebra, particularly algebraic structures arising from non-classical logics. However, he is interested in many other mathematical topics from the geometry of the card-matching game SET to the algebra of Latin squares. As a queer mathematician, he is also deeply invested in issues of mathematical ethics and social justice.


  • Every complete atomic Boolean algebra is the congruence lattice of a cBCK-algebra (under review)
  • Satisfiability degree in BCK-algebras (Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae, 36, 2023)
  • Spectral properties of cBCK-algebras (Algebra Universalis, 83 (3), 2022)