Phone: 724-503-1001 x6133
Office: SWA200A

Nobunaka Matsuno, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry

Degrees: Ph.D. University of Cincinnati; M.S. and B.S. Butler University

Nobunaka Matsuno is a professor in the Department of Chemistry. He teaches biochemistry (pre-health track), biological chemistry, and biophysical chemistry. He is formally trained in biophysical chemistry, specializing in ion transport through protein membrane channels. Dr. Matsuno also received training in experimental physical chemistry of self-assembled molecules on a metal surface as a teaching/research postdoctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

His current research interest is in the field of bioinformatics and material science utilizing both inorganic and biological components. Chemical Education is another interest of Dr. Matsuno’s where he develops tools for chemistry laboratories using computer-simulated analytical instruments. He is also a member of the Biochemistry Steering Committee.