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Prez Projects: Crowdfunding for W&J

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We are proud to announce the pilot launch of the first-ever W&J crowdfunding platform!

PrezProjects gives you the opportunity to choose to support the projects that matter most to you, contribute what you can afford, and help recruit others. PrezProjects is the next great way to share your W&J spirit!

PrezProjects launched this fall with two initiatives. Thanks to the generous support of alumni and friends, the first two projects were fully funded soon after their launch. New projects will be launching soon.

To support the current initiatives and learn about future initiatives, visit

Support Students Presenting at Biology-Related Conferences

Each year, numerous students engage in biology-related independent research and later present their findings to the W&J community. This academic year, more than 20 students have already been invited to present their research at conferences all over the U.S., and the number continues to grow. Typically, all travel and presentation costs are paid by the students.

By supporting this fund, donors alleviated the financial strain traveling to conferences has on our students and made it possible for students to showcase their results, improve their presentation skills, and build a professional network.

Support W&J Athletic Trainers in Purchasing New Equipment

In honor of the more than 20 years of dedication athletic trainers Mark and Mike Lesako have given to W&J, donors raised funds for the purchase of a state-of-the-art rehabilitation STIM unit to accelerate student-athlete recovery. 

The new piece of equipment, which will be put into use in spring 2020, allows for better, customized treatment for student-athletes as well as helps alleviate the ever-increasing demand on athletic trainers in assisting their players in routine maintenance
and recovery.

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