Learn to communicate and interact in Russian-speaking cultures around the world with the skills, knowledge, and qualities imparted by this minor. Study language and grammar, literature, film, and more in this interdisciplinary program.

Acquire the knowledge and skills essential for professional and civic leaders in a religiously diverse society. Combine perspectives from several academic disciplines in this program to understand social, political, and cultural contexts of diverse religious traditions, and the implications of interfaith relationships.

Develop the skills you need to write accurate, clear, non-academic prose for a variety of audiences and situations. Learn how to research and analyze a wide range of topics, manage social media for professional purposes, and write and design compelling documents in a variety of media.

Discover interdisciplinary and international perspectives on the causes of conflict and the possibilities of resolution. Embrace the study of interpersonal, intergroup, and societal conflicts in different cultures around the world in this concentration.

Develop the technical skills required for computational research or data-driven professional work with this concentration. Learn about programming, data mining, databases, and networking to solve problems in fields outside CIS.

Examine American life, history, and culture, and consider the U.S. relationship with the world in this concentration. Learn about both majority and minority perspectives in American life, and develop a useful background for careers in law, government, writing, the arts, international affairs, and others.

Learn about the experiences and central contributions of African Americans to American culture in this concentration. Develop the knowledge, skills, and perspective needed to engage questions of diversity, inclusion, and social justice through the study of African-American experiences.