Start on the path to a career in web and mobile application development with this emphasis for the CIS major. Focus on both the design issues and the production and implementation issues central to delivering content over web and mobile platforms.

Design your own original course of study to complement an existing major. Showcase your initiative and creativity with a special selection of courses that explore a specific focus relevant to your interests.

Gain appreciation for and develop skills in the writing, staging, performance, and analysis of theatrical productions through this emphasis. Learn to participate knowledgably in multiple aspects of the creation of works performed before a live audience.

Acquire the skills for graduate study or participation in the enterprise defined by the Public Relations Society of America as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics” in this emphasis for the Communication Arts major.

Discover the analysis of productivity, continuous process improvement, and customer-focused quality with this emphasis for the Business Administration major.

Prepare to ask and answer questions about film as artistic expression in this emphasis for communication arts majors. Learn how technical, social, and historical constraints shape cinematic storytelling practices, and how different audiences in different times and places may interpret specific films differently.

Explore consumer behavior, market research, and international marketing in this emphasis for business administration majors.

Develop effective interfaces for information systems through understanding the issues involved in designing computing systems in a human-centric manner. Learn the theories and techniques of Interaction Design in this emphasis for CIS majors.

Explore the management of human capital in organizations with this emphasis offered by the Psychology and Business Administration programs.

Improve your digital literacy and creative problem solving skills in this emphasis for CIS majors. Focus on how people communicate meaning through innovative contexts capitalizing on various digital media.