Explore consumer behavior, market research, and international marketing in this emphasis for business administration majors.

Prepare for an active role in today’s world of global commerce. Participate in study abroad experiences and international business internships, while learning from courses in the science and art of business language and cultural courses.

Explore the management of human capital in organizations with this emphasis offered by the Psychology and Business Administration programs.

Improve your digital literacy and creative problem solving skills in this emphasis for CIS majors. Focus on how people communicate meaning through innovative contexts capitalizing on various digital media.

Focus on the use of computer modeling, visualization and analysis over large data sets in this concentration for CIS majors. Use these skills to solve complex problems derive meaning from confusing data.

Prepare for graduate work focused on the foundational and theoretical underpinnings of the computer sciences with this emphasis for CIS majors.

Develop your understanding of value creation and value assessment as the critical overlay to the study of business and entrepreneurship in this concentration. Interact with business founders, owners and executives to benefit from their real-world experiences as you complete your studies at W&J.