Study “the language of business” at W&J College, and prepare for a variety of positions in the public and private sectors. The Accounting program will help you develop technical competency in accounting, while stressing critical thinking, analysis, and communication skills.

Develop fundamental knowledge in economics, accounting, finance, marketing, and management—disciplines essential to a career in management. You’ll develop important business skills while engaging with opportunities for research, internships, and networking that will help secure your future.

The Department of Art and Art History is dedicated to teaching studio art, art education, and the history of art and to advising majors in an atmosphere that encourages cooperation and independence among faculty and students. The department offers majors in studio art and art education and minors in studio art and art history.

Learn music as an integral part of the liberal arts education at W&J College. Participate in performance ensembles including choral, jazz, wind and chamber, and improve your technique in private lessons with exceptional performers drawn from across the region.

Hone your creative thinking skills and work on your visual expression through a series of studio courses starting with foundations of drawing and design. Work toward exhibiting in the senior art show at the Olin Fine Art Gallery to complete the program.

Get prepared to teach art in a classroom setting while enhancing your personal creative and artistic abilities. You’ll have the opportunity to seek specialty education certification in art by completing the art education major and an education minor.

Build an individualized curriculum around a particular theme and explore interrelationships between academic disciplines with a Thematic Major. Study across two or more departments or programs to pursue an academic discipline that is not necessarily available in the traditional educational scheme.

Learn to communicate and interact in Spanish-speaking cultures and communities around the world with the skills and knowledge imparts by this program. Customize your studies of language, grammar, literature, and film to suit your cultural and career interests.

Prepare to investigate and navigate the social world with studies in sociology at W&J College. Tackle academic experiences within and outside the classroom while preparing for graduate studies or careers in a variety of fields.

Learn analytical skills and substantive knowledge for understanding and analyzing complex policy issues in today’s world. Acquire a broad knowledge base on the economy, government, and public policy, and emphasize a particular policy area with a required internship.