Prepare for successful careers in political science-related fields, including academia, government, law, or international affairs by mastering discipline-specific knowledge. Use practical political experience to expand your understanding of civic responsibility in a global community.

Learn the principles and techniques scientists use to describe our physical universe using hands-on laboratory work. Develop skills like data acquisition and analysis, computation, fabrication, and scientific communication that will serve you in research or in industry.

Explore the fundamental questions of existence, knowledge, meaning, and value through W&J’s philosophy program. Enrich your mind with challenging questions, careful analysis, rigorous argumentation, and creative problem solving while mastering a core of discipline-based knowledge.

Focus your research interests in a variety of levels of nervous system functioning, from the activity of a single neuron to the complexity of behavioral systems. Complete coursework in biology, chemistry, philosophy, physics, and psychology in this Major and Minor.

Develop the careful logic, deep thinking, and creative ideas that characterize mathematical thought and contribute to responsible citizenship in the Mathematics program at W&J. Prepare for advanced degree programs and careers like data analytics, banking, and actuary science.

Learn a broad range of international issues through course offerings from the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Take advantage of opportunities for in-depth study of a geographical area of the world through area emphasis, language studies, and study abroad programs.

Prepare for work in fields related to history, or to go on to graduate and doctoral work in historical study, law, or related fields. Pursue opportunities for independent study and internships, and take advantage of focuses on American, European, and East Asian history.

Develop the skills, knowledge, and qualities necessary to communicate and interact in German-speaking cultures around the world. Tailor the major to your cultural and career interests through independent studies, internships, and funded international opportunities.

Become a critical and creative thinker, able to analyze gender through interdisciplinary connections and multiple cultural perspectives. Work closely with Gender and Women’s Studies faculty in discussion-centered courses and independent research on issues of gender, sexuality, and the ways these shape human experience.

Engage with a globally important language of trade, culture and political systems spoken by more than 200 million people on five continents by studying French at W&J College. Learn to communicate in culturally appropriate ways with French speakers of diverse francophone communities.