The mission of the Department of Modern Languages is to impart to all W&J students the skills, knowledge, and qualities necessary to communicate and interact in culturally appropriate ways with speakers of languages other than their own. The Department of Modern Languages is, therefore, a key component of a liberal arts education and serves the …  

Understand how the Russian Federation seeks to consolidate its position in the emerging power structures of the 21st century with this program. Learn history, language, and cultural tradition as part of this interesting and timely field of study.

Develop behaviors and habits conducive to healthy living and being in a program that emphasizes individual agency and initiative. Learn how to make responsible decisions about your health and wellness, including appropriate responses to physical, emotional, and environmental stresses.

Join all first-year students in the Fall Term for an intensive study of a focused topic and an introduction to the intellectual life of the College. Make a smooth transition to college-level work while emphasizing academic skills like critical reading, thinking, and analysis.

Gain a scientific appreciation of the natural world with this program for non-science majors. Strengthen your critical thinking, problem solving, and quantitative skills as part of a complete liberal arts curriculum at W&J College.

Learn a language that is increasingly important in modern social, economic and humanitarian settings. From energy production and the realignment of international politics, to questions of religion and philosophy, Arabic and those who speak it will remain at the center of inquiry for years to come.