Art Conservation

The Art Conservation minor provides students with experience in cultural preservation encompassing chemistry, art, and art history.

Through a variety of courses including organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry, art history, and studio art courses, Art Conservation minors gain foundational knowledge in chemistry, experience in the creative process, and the history of art. Students consider the material composition of a work of art and its impact on appearance and meaning.

This program supports students interested in the fields of cultural preservation, library science, art history, art, and materials science, among others.

Beyond the Classroom

Students in the Art Conservation minor are offered world-class opportunities for travel to experience art firsthand. Through an endowment, the College funds yearly trips to sites in New York and other major cities, and similar excursions to European art capitals every other year. On previous trips abroad, groups visited cities including Budapest, Rome, Paris, and Madrid.

Art Conservation Faculty

John Lamberston

Art Department Chair

John Lambertson, Ph.D.

John Lambertson, Ph.D. is a professor of Art and is the Chair of the Department of Art and Art History at Washington & Jefferson College.


Art Conservation Program Downloads

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