Major / Minor

The Economics program of the Department of Economics & Business provides students with the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in economic theory and the analytical tools that will allow them to think critically about complex economic and social issues on both a domestic and global scale. The program challenges students’ intellectual curiosity by providing them with opportunities to learn and communicate complex economic ideas through critical thinking, speaking, writing, and independent research projects. Students are prepared to begin a variety of careers in the public or private sector, or begin graduate, law, or professional school.

Students pursuing a major in economics may focus their studies with an emphasis on economic development. Learn more in the W&J Course Catalog.

Beyond the Classroom

Students have a wide array of opportunities for research, internships, conferences, and networking beyond the classroom that give them an advantage to prepare for life after W&J.

Postgraduate Education

  • Syracuse University, PhD Economics
  • UCLA School of Law
  • The Ohio State University College of Medicine
  • Carnegie Mellon, MS Health Care Policy and Management
  • West Virginia University, MBA-M.S. Finance Dual Degree