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Engineering and Applied Science Dual-Degree Programs


W&J's engineering and applied science dual-degree programs combine the strengths of a liberal arts education with professional preparation in a technical field. Students complete a broad curriculum that includes foundational training in basic science and communication skills at W&J and specialized training in a particular field of engineering or applied science at one of our world-class partner institutions. Many courses of study are available, including (but not limited to) mechanical, chemical, biomedical, or electrical engineering; applied mathematics; and computer science.

Dual-degree students typically spend three years at W&J and two years at one of W&J's partner institutions:

Upon successful completion of the program, the student receives a bachelor of arts degree from W&J and a bachelor of science degree in the chosen engineering/applied science field from the partner school. To be eligible, students must meet minimum GPA, pre-engineering course completion, and residency requirements during their time at W&J (see below).

Engineering and Applied Science Dual-Degree Programs Snapshot