Interfaith Leadership Studies

The Interfaith Leadership Studies concentration is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills essential for professional and civic leaders in a religiously diverse society. As our national and global communities become increasingly interconnected and diverse, an ability to work effectively with individuals and communities with differing religious and cultural worldviews becomes a precondition for success in such professional fields as human services, education, health professions, government, international business, ministry, and law.

By combining perspectives from several academic disciplines, Interfaith Leadership Studies helps students obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the social, political, and cultural contexts of diverse religious traditions, and of the implications of interfaith relationships. Students also receive an opportunity to develop a set of academic, practical, and interpersonal skills conducive to building mutual respect, constructive relationships across religious and cultural lines, and a commitment to the common civic good.

Students are also given the opportunity to create and host additional projects and events, both in and out of the classroom. Each student is required to create an Experimental Learning Project, which serves as a final culmination of all of the skills and information they have learned. Many classes also have additional events that tie in to them, such as Speed Faithing.

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Interfaith Leadership Studies Faculty

Religion Department Chair

Olga Solovieva, Ph.D.

Olga Solovieva, Ph.D. is an assistant professor and director of the Religious Studies program at Washington & Jefferson College.

Buba Misawa
Colleen Hyden, Ph.D. portrait
Dana Schiller
Gregg Osborne, Ph.D. portrait
Patrick J. Caffrey, Ph.D. portrait
Richard Easton

Richard Easton, M.A.

English Professor Emeritus, Founder and Director of Conflict and Resolution Studies

Conflict and Resolution Studies, Interfaith Leadership Studies

Susan Crampton Frenchik
Todd Verdun, Ph.D. portrait

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