International Studies

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major that expose students to a broad range of international issues through course offerings from the arts, humanities and social sciences.

It also offers students the opportunity for in-depth study of a geographical area of the world through an area emphasis, language studies and study abroad program. In addition to language, history and literature courses, students will study macroeconomics, world politics, international environmental policy, world religions, art and music.

Beyond the Classroom

Students have a wide array of opportunities for research, internships, conferences, and networking beyond the classroom that give them an advantage to prepare for life after W&J.

International Studies Faculty

Buba Misawa

International Studies Department Chair

Buba Misawa, Ph.D.

Buba Misawa, Ph.D is a professor of Political Science and is the Chair of the Department of Political Science. He is also the Director of International Studies at Washington & Jefferson College.


Amparo Alpanes, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Spanish and Chair of the Department of Modern Languages

Spanish, International Studies, Gender and Women's Studies

Christy Shaughnessy, Ph.D. portrait
Guido Halder, Ph.D. portrait
H.J. Manzari, Ph.D. portrait
Han Ye, Ph.D. portrait
John Krol, Ph.D. portrait

John F. Krol, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Sociology

Sociology, International Studies

John Lamberston
Joseph DiSarro portrait
Professor Judith Atzler portrait
Katherine Ternes, Ph.D. portrait
Leslie Dunn, Ph.D. portrait

Leslie Dunn

Associate Professor of Economics

International Studies, Economics, Finance

Mark Swift
Patrick J. Caffrey, Ph.D. portrait
Robert East, Ph.D. portrait
Sharon Taylor, Ph.D. portrait
Susan Vdovichenko, Ph.D. portrait

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