Media Studies

The media studies emphasis within the Communication Arts major teaches students to analyze and critique news articles and broadcast segments, film, and other contemporary media. The curriculum challenges students to study the ownership of the press to inform their thinking about the messages  conveyed. Courses critique American and international films, which students view both for meaning and as a way to better understand the cultural and social contexts in which the films are made and viewed.

Experiential learning offers students an opportunity to gain real-world experience through courses like COM 391: Audio/Radio/Podcasting. Students in the class designed The Cultural Edge podcast series as an informative, objective debate between co-hosts who take on current hot button issues facing the nation. Designed to mirror broadcast journalism, the podcasts were created  with a narrative structure in mind.

Learning to research and mentored by our faculty, students have presented their work at national conferences. Some students choose to continue their studies in graduate schools with a few alumni  accepted to prestigious graduate programs including CMU, Penn State, and USC.

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Media Studies Faculty

Melissa Cook portrait

Communication Arts Department Chair

Melissa Cook, Ph.D.

Melissa A. Cook, Ph.D. is an associate professor and Chair of the Communication Arts Department.


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