Mind and Language

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The Mind and Language Program offers an interdisciplinary examination of language and mind through a combination of courses in several disciplines. Students may pursue a 6-course minor that combines required courses in foundational topics with elective courses in affiliated departments.

The program seeks to prepare students for a successful career after college in various settings (graduate school, professional school, or the business world). It provides especially helpful preparation for students who wish to pursue graduate degrees in English, Philosophy, or Linguistics, as well as other interdisciplinary programs involving language and mind study.

Beyond the Classroom

Students have a wide array of opportunities for research, internships, conferences, and networking beyond the classroom that give them an advantage to prepare for life after W&J.

Mind and Language Faculty

Tara Robbins Fee, Ph.D. portrait

English Department Chair

Tara Robbins Fee, Ph.D.

Tara Robbins Fee, Ph.D. is an associate professor and the Chair of the English Department at Washington & Jefferson College.

Gregg Osborne, Ph.D. portrait

Philosophy Department Chair

Gregg Osborne, Ph.D.

Gregg Osborne, Ph.D. is an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy at Washington & Jefferson College.

Portrait of Associate Professor Amparo Alpanes

Modern Languages Department Chair

Amparo Alpañés, Ph.D.

Amparo Alpañés, Ph.D. is an associate professor of Spanish at Washington & Jefferson College.


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