Physical Activity and Wellness

Other Opportunities

Patti Spadaro teaches yoga to both remote and in-person students October 26, 2020 in the James David Ross Family Recreation Center exercise room on the campus of Washington & Jefferson College.

The W&J Physical Activity and Wellness program encourages behaviors and habits conducive to healthy living and being. The program emphasizes individual agency and initiative, self-awareness, motivation, self-direction, and the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own physical and emotional health.

Students learn how to make responsible decisions about their health and wellness, and strategies for converting those decisions into positive actions. Health and Wellness (PHW) courses require students to engage in self-reflection and decision making about health and wellness issues, including appropriate responses to physical, emotional, or environmental stresses and understanding factors to developing a healthy life. Physical Activity (PHA) courses require students to engage in sustained participation in a physical activity in a proper and safe manner, following a structured plan in pursuit of appropriate goals for improvement. Physical Activity (PHA) and Health and Wellness (PHW) courses taken toward fulfillment of graduation requirements are included in tuition.