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Are you ready to pursue a career in law? The pre-law program advises students interested in the legal profession and helps prepare students for admission to law school. From 1998–2018, W&J students were accepted to law schools at a rate of approximately 90%, as compared to a national acceptance rate of 67%.

The pre-law program is open to students in any major. If you’ve got an interest in law, consider taking courses in accounting, composition, American literature, economics, history and political science—the department most closely associated with the pre-law program.

W&J offers students the support they need to make it into the graduate program of their choice. Pre-Law advisors Dr. Buba Misawa and Dr. Joseph DiSarro offer guidance in choosing appropriate courses, taking the LSATs, visiting law schools, and preparing law school applications.

For more information about the Pre-Law program, see the College Catalog.

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Pre-Law Faculty

Joseph DiSarro portrait

Program Chair

Joseph DiSarro, Ph.D.

Joseph DiSarro, Ph.D. is a professor in the Department of Political Science at Washington & Jefferson College.

Annette Drew-Bear, PhD portrait
Buba Misawa
Colleen Hyden, Ph.D. portrait
Hanna Kim, Ph.D.

Hanna Kim, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Philosophy, Mind and Language, Pre-Law

Lori Galley

Lori J. Galley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Economics & Business, Coordinator of the Accounting Program

Accounting, Pre-Law

Robert East, Ph.D. portrait

Political Science Department Events

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Pre-Law Program Sheet

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