Do all the people who complete an honors project graduate with honors?

May 24, 2021 | Tagged: | Category: Academics

No. Completing the project is the first major step in the process. The second is the Honors Review conducted by faculty members in the area of study. In the past, faculty reviewers have indeed judged some completed projects to be unworthy of honors and have not approved them. It is important for you and your director to communicate with faculty in the area of study about standards for honors as you work on your project. The third major step is the Collegiate Review, a public presentation of your project that will be judged by a committee of faculty drawn in part from other areas of study. This Collegiate Review Committee will determine if you communicate your work effectively to an audience of nonspecialists. This committee must approve your project as well for you to receive honors from the College, but problems at this stage are less common than problems at the area-of-study level.

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