Do I need to send you the original CD, DVD, or study guide that came with my textbook?

Yes, please include all supplemental components that are part of the ISBN listed on your buyback quote. If a set of items does not have buyback value or if you are missing any of the components listed as part of a package, you may see if individual items have buyback value by using the ISBN Lookup tool. If you have any questions about the components needed to complete a package, please contact Customer Service before sending us your buyback.

Textbooks returned without original CDs/DVDs, study guides, workbooks, or other supplemental items listed on the quote are not eligible for full credit. Some items may have no value if the listed components are missing.

If a set of items originally came with an access code, curriculum card, online lab, or online passcode, the access/online code part of the set is not eligible for return (even if you have not used it). When you enter the ISBN on our site, we will let you know if individual items in the set – i.e. “text-only” – have buyback value.

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