How will courses be delivered in Fall 2020?

August 18, 2020 | Tagged: , | Category: Coronavirus

All classes will be virtual for the first two weeks of the semester and resume as a hybrid model on Monday, Sept. 7. Please check WebAdvisor for your Fall 2020 Class Schedule. All class schedules are now posted so you can learn which classes are in-person or remote as of Sept. 7. Please review the column marked Meeting Information on your course schedule. A notation of online denotes courses taught remotely; Jay Flex denoted hybrid instruction (combination of remote and in-person) or, if a meeting room is listed, the courses is taught in person. If you have any questions please contact the Registrar’s Office ( Students will be able to make changes to their schedule. We will send out an announcement with instructions on how to make changes in the near future.

For courses delivered in person, classrooms will be utilized and maintained based on CDC and DOH guidelines for safety for classroom settings (physical distancing and cleaning). Numbers of seats, based on physical distancing, have been determined for each classroom. As such, courses may have a limited number of students permitted in the classroom, due to implementing appropriate social distancing. If that is the case, a portion of the class may attend virtually on some days.

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