I am a continuing international student with F1 visa status. Can I continue to study remotely in the Spring semester?

October 21, 2020 | Tagged: , | Category: Coronavirus

Yes, you can continue to study remotely and can make the decision to do so based on your comfort level and considerations for health and safety.

Be aware that at this time, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has not announced any guidance related to Spring 2021 enrollment for international students. It is possible that DHS could require in-person attendance in order to maintain your SEVIS record. If DHS makes this decision, and you study remotely,  we will need to terminate your SEVIS record for Authorized Early Withdrawal and you will no longer have an active SEVIS record. If this is the case, there are paths to the reinstatement of your record or issuance of a new SEVIS record, but the termination and renewal of status could result in loss or postponement of  F1 student related benefits (ie. OPT, CPT) until you have maintained active status for one year.

It is important that you contact the Director of International Student Initiatives, Dr. Dana Poole, dpoole@washjeff.edu to communicate your plans for the Spring and to learn about how immigration related issues should be a consideration.

We know that this guidance is very important and we will share updates as soon as we receive them. We also recognize that this information is complex, and is better explained through advising related to your individual situation. Please be in touch with any questions.

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